Being Papa is a blog about my thoughts & experiences through fatherhood. I try to defy the stereotype of what a husband and a father should be & aim to raise an amazing daughter with plenty of love, dedication, & compassion.

So who am I? My name is Marlon. I’m a Miami native currently living the suburban dream in Orlando, Florida. Back in Miami, I was raised in a Nicaraguan household filled with rich hispanic traditions & summer trips to the motherland where I spent my time chasing chickens and enjoying nature. I first moved to Orlando for college at UCF. After graduation, I landed a corporate gig back in Miami, where I ended up meeting the love of my life, Stefany. After a few years of making a life for ourselves in the Magic City, we packed our bags and headed over to Orlando. I can proudly say I still do not own any theme park annual passes.

I spend my time juggling between work, real estate projects and reading marketing books — but my favorite time is when I spend it with my girls– my wife, my daughter and my dog Lola. We like to travel, spend time looking at empty properties, & making trips to our local Trader Joe’s.

I’ve been happily married to my wife Stefany for a little more than two years. Not only is she gorgeous– she’s also incredibly intelligent & helps me navigate my own waters. I don’t really know how to function too much without her around, and she’s the only one brave enough to deal with my complexities. She’s a Spaniard Portuguese Brazilian American– and she definitely inherited the good things out of all of them! She handles our real estate business while also being the most excellent mother.  There are very few people in this world with enough determination in their heart as my wife.

My hope is my daughter can grow to be as confident and strong as her mother. At almost 3 months, her personality is clear: she’s demanding, moody and likes to do things her way. So far, just like her dad. I want to be able to teach her the world and ensure that she’ll be ready to tackle whatever comes her way.

As a first-time dad who is over-opinionated and frequently takes the road less traveled, I expect to have many incredible experiences, successes & failures. The blog will serve as my opportunity for self-reflection through my journey as Isabella’s papá.