Turning Thirty

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Today I turned 30. For years I worked hard so that I would enter this decade in a way I would be proud about. Now that I am here, I am overjoyed about being able to experience more in that timeframe than I ever imagined. My twenties was a rollercoaster of highs and lows, blissful experiences and plenty of self-realizations that will fuel the goals I’ll set for this next decade and how I interact with this beautiful and complicated world we have all been blessed to be part of. Lucky to have my little family, the love and support from my extended family and friends, and the health, drive, and ambition to charge hard and forward.

I’ve realized that in the last few years, I’ve been living by a few things I’ve learned along the way:

– When you feel like you can’t do something, just Google it. I wouldn’t have ever grown in my career if I thought something was too difficult or beyond what I knew. Truth is, I hardly ever know…but then once I learn I’m a beast at it.

– There’s always a way to do things differently. We are conditioned to see life in a certain routine that society has created for us for many years. You don’t have to stick to it…you have the ability to change things around.

– Everyone was born naked and shits in the same way. I remind myself of this whenever I feel imposter syndrome or that someone is better than me in some way. We all have the ability to get to where we want to be. Some have more obstacles than others, but grit overpowers all.

– Experiences leave you more fulfilled than any material good. I went on safari in Africa this year, spent my whole summer in Europe and renewed my vows in Costa Rica. At the same time I drive a Corolla, wear bootleg cologne, and most of my shoes cost me $10 from a Miami Chinese goods store.

– As humans, we share collective pain. I’ve learned everyone has traumas and pain and that no matter how unique they can never be minimized. We don’t know what a person has to go through when we see the smile on their faces.

– Self-growth is important. Seek therapy and read self-help books. Check out retreats (I did an awesome one earlier this year called @sacredsons). The more you learn about yourself, the more you know how to navigate everything.

– Humans thrive on tribes and communities- I can say that the connection has changed many perspectives and made me so much better. I’ve loved taking part of the dad community and plan to pursue more interest-based orgs. (Maybe I’ll find some quirky parrot lovers club or something?)

– Love is real. For me, love has been at the core of everything. I found romantic love with my wife. I found parental love with the birth of my daughter. I love the Earth and its creatures. I love people’s cultures and experiences. Love can be long-term or temporary, but don’t deny yourself the chance of having that.

– Spirituality is not the same as religion. I’ve had my ups and downs with religion. But what I do know is that as long as I’m spiritually in a good place I’m good. I get regenerated by nature and the chance to take a mental break to notice the little things in this world placed in my path to send me messages.

– When your job becomes too much and impedes on your mind, quit it. There’s plenty of other jobs out there where you can get a nice change and grow. There’s also plenty of other ways to make money than a standard job.

– Finally, play hard with your kids. Laugh harder with them than you would normally. Imitate accents and speak to them at their eye-level. Love them and show them that. Learn their love language. Stop working and take a break with them. Prioritize them. It’s the most incredible thing we will ever leave behind.

 Thanks for the read. Much love to everyone who has taken part in my journey to 30.



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