Re-Energizing The Blog

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If you’re reading this, I gotta thank you– that means you’ve powered through the long delays in publishing any new content and still care enough to open the link to my post. I haven’t written in this blog as much as I wanted to, but the good news is that I’m hoping to change that.

I started this blog in order to collect my thoughts and process as I took part in raising my daughter. But as motivated as I was, I slowly started giving excuses as to why I couldn’t write– there wasn’t ever enough time, I wanted to work on other things, sometimes I just felt tired from my job. But one thing that was constantly in the back of my mind was that I should n’t write about certain things because I felt like I didn’t want to offend people that thought differently, didn’t have the resources to do what I do, or didn’t want to hear me. I’m also not a professional writer, and I get intimidated by my lack of editorial knowledge to deliver a perfect piece.

But those are all internal conflicts– I’ve learned that this blog should really be an opportunity to share my own voice. If people do read this, they want me to be raw and transparent, and it’s a disservice to myself if I don’t do this because of non-existing mental barriers. I’ve decided that I’ll be treating each piece as a way to really process my own thoughts on my journey towards fatherhood.

So why the change? Today was the last day of the 8th annual Dad 2.0 Summit. It’s an amazing gathering of influential fathers, marketers, and media who focus on the power of dads online in sharing messages about positive fatherhood. I am incredibly motivated by all the people that I met– making a difference using their voices and sharing their passions about fatherhood for themselves and in turn, inspire others.

As a result, I’m structuring my time so that I can commit to writing more. I won’t be as self-critical about my writing so that I can write more, and I will do this with my original goal of keeping a repository of my own experiences. Here’s to Round Two!

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