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So here it goes. I’m serious about being a dad blogger.

I know, I know…I’ve tried my hand at blogging a few times before and pretty much left my only two readers out to dry after I never kept up with posting. But now, I’m a dad. That means my life should now be chaotic, and that means I’ll always have something to write about. Keeping it all written will help with my sanity AND it will serve as a collection of my thoughts as I go through the amazing-yet-complex journey of fatherhood.

It’s been 2 months since I became a dad to the most perfect specimen of a daughter (you heard it here first), but in that short time frame I already know that I’m tackling fatherhood a bit differently. Here’s just a snippet on a few things that stand out:

I’m a Stay-At-Home Dad. Kinda.
I’m blessed enough to work from home as a digital marketing manager for a pretty awesome company that embraces flexible work and flexible hours. My wife Stefany runs our company from home. That means Isabella can’t ever get rid of us & we are in the house constantly.

We’re Planning Extensive Travel.
My wife and I have always loved to travel and having a child won’t stop us from doing so. They say travel with kids is terrible. I’m going to disprove that notion.

Disney Princesses.
I dislike the whole damsel-in-distress culture on little girls and the potential effects it has on their development. I also live in Orlando, which is only a few ideas away of having Disney princesses greet people from the airport terminal. Let’s see how this plays out if Isabella goes through a princess stage…

We don’t eat meat.
And neither will our daughter. Coming from big Hispanic families, the Abuelos will have to grill some carrots (non-GMO of course) during the next BBQ.

Hablamos Español (e português também)
We’re going to try our best to raise our little shrimp with as much Spanish & Portuguese as possible- leaving her to learn English when she goes to school. Why? Because #America.

In all, I’m pretty excited to have taken on the role of papá & plan on breaking down stereotypes on fatherhood, what it means to be a partner, and child-rearing. Welcome to my blog peeps! 🙂

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